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1030 Wien, Nähe: U3 Erdberg



Your personal success is calling. Over a million companies are already working with us. Regus offers you and your employees a private office equipped with the latest technology at affordable prices. You get a private area for five or six people, in the main business districts of the city. Enjoy the advantages of a private office at the lowest price. You get secure access to high-speed internet, administrative support and office furniture-all of this now available! You have working space in a size of 16m2 to 120m2 in an excellent location. Enjoy the advantages of a private office for 5-6 persons at the lowest price. You get secure access to high-speed Internet, administrative support and office furniture all immediately available. The ALL-INCLUSIVE facilities include: post-processing, entitlement to administrative support, kitchen, all utilities, dry cleaning, reception, office equipment, access to conference rooms, high-performance Internet and WLAN. In Austria, we have more than 15 offices, with offices of 5m2 up to 1000m2 or even larger. The right work space for every budget. Regus is the world's largest provider of flexible workspaces and manages to meet the needs of both large companies and small businesses. We work with more than one million customers daily, providing them with comfortable, fully serviced, high quality premises; be it only for a few minutes or for several years.Now inquire.General Terms and Conditions: The total area of 120m2 includes the shared space. These include the quality furnished Business Lounge, the center of the office complex, and other community facilities, such as kitchen and reception. Prices are approximate and subject to availability. 


Objektnr.: 494 (Büro / Praxis)




962,00 €



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Gesamtmiete*: 962,00 €
Miete: 962,00 €
monatliche Gesamtbelastung: 962,00 €

* Miete + Nebenkosten


Nutzungsart: Gewerbe 
Bürofläche: ca. 120 m²
Zustand: neuwertig

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Hazir Hasani

Goldmund Immobilien GmbH Hazir Hasani
Mobil: +43 676 7742992
Leopold Ungar Platz 2, Spaces
1190 Wien
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